Media Relations Officer Alex Li spends his time updating the public on what is happening in the city, be it a collision that will slow down their commute, or threat to public safety like a shooting from his seat in the Toronto Police Operations Centre (TPOC). The TPOC monitors the entire city and helps deploy resources to where they're needed most.

You'll find him on social media at @TPSoperations account, on TV giving interviews to reporters and on the scene of major events in the city.

The 17-year policing veteran has served in a variety of frontline roles, including Primary Response Officer, Community Response Officer, Frauds investigator and Crime Prevention Officer in midtown Toronto at 53 Division.

He says working as a Community Response officer was a turning point for him in his career.

"It gave me a new perspective on policing by utilizing the community policing lens. It helped me develop into a community oriented officer, and allowed me to engage and connect with the communities I worked in," says Li. "Riding a bicycle with a team to respond to calls, and attend community events was an added bonus, and gave me a new perspective on the importance of police bikes. They could go where our police cars could not, like through laneways and parks."

He still loves the work and looks forward to taking on more roles within the Service.

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