Thorncliffe Park Neighbourhood Community Officer Farhan Ali loves connecting with the community, whether it be in person at an event in his midtown Division, or via social media (Instagram @officerfarhan), where he's able to reach out to young people.

"Working in Thorncliffe for the last few years has allowed me to engage with my community in a more proactive and meaningful way," said Ali, of getting to know residents, business owners and community agency staff. "It is very humbling feeling when people refer to me by my name and see me as more than just my uniform. It is confirmation that we are on the right track as a police service, to help strengthen the bond between us and the communities we serve."

The 53 Division officer has worked primarily in uniform roles including Primary Response, Community Response and Traffic Enforcement as well as some plainclothes investigative positions.

The 14-year veteran has always been drawn to policing from a young age and sought out the career after graduating from a post-secondary diploma in Police Foundations. He has since mentored other young people who have joined Toronto as police officers.

He said beyond getting life and post-secondary experience, you need to be motivated to serve your community.

"You really do need to want to help people to do this job... it's a calling," said Ali.

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