Rookie Constable Shreen Namatalla is a Primary Response Officer in Scarborough's 41 Division, answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

Every new officer is assigned to the frontline Primary Response role at the start of their career to gain essential experience and be where the community needs them most. They are the officers you see each day in the grey and white scout cars responding to the highest priority calls for help, where they do everything from helping people hurt in a collision or experiencing a mental health crisis, to intervening in robberies and shootings to help victims and make arrests.

"We work together to solve the problems we are faced with. The fast-paced work environment requires constant communication with your team and it's a part of the job I truly enjoy," said Namatalla, who credits her past work a harm reduction outreach worker with helping her prepare for this new career.

"Entering a role as a police officer can be quite challenging. It's important to be aware of the different complexities and needs of the communities we work with and recognizing the responsibility we have as police officers," she said. "Being new in this role, I've had many moments that have impacted me and helped me grow."

How do I become a Police Constable?