The Toronto Police Service recognizes that public expectations of its police service have changed with priority being placed on transparency, accountability, and collaborative, respectful engagements.  We want this too and we believe that a Community Police Academy can have a positive impact on how the public views the police.

This eight-week course will teach you all about policing in Toronto.  From our rich history, to neighbourhood policing, to crime scene management, to how we investigate violent crimes. The lessons will give you deeper knowledge into how, and why, we do the things we do.

Taught by subject matter experts at the Service, students will also gain a better understanding of how they can partner with Toronto Police to keep our communities safe.

The Academy is free to anyone 16 years of age and older who lives, works, or volunteers in the city of Toronto.  Students must attend every week in order to graduate; exceptions will only be made under exigent circumstances.

The Toronto Police Service has partnered with Humber College to offer credits upon successful completion of the Community Police Academy. Graduates will be recognized by Chief Mark Saunders and will be eligible for exemption from one course (3 credits) in Humber's Police Foundations Diploma.

Humber College - Police Foundations Diploma

In order to apply for a transfer credit, students need to be aware of the following

  • The Community Police Academy Graduate must secure themselves a Humber College Student number if they do not already have one. Please call 416-675-5005.
  • The student must fill in a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Application (PLAR)
  • Applicants must be 18+.
  • The Humber course code to be used on the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Application (PLAR) is PFP 204- Community Policing.
  • The student must attach copies of the Certificate of Completion signed and issued by the TPS.
  • The student must also include the Course Training Standard Syllabus with their application.
  • The application must be submitted to the Registrar’s office for processing.
  • There is a fee associated with transfer credits. That fee is currently $90.64.
  • Academy Graduates will not be given Humber course credit if they are already full-time students in the Police Foundations Diploma program.

To learn more about the Humber Police Foundations Diploma, please visit the Course Website.


The course is offered on Saturdays and runs for 8 weeks. There are no classes on Statutory Holidays. Please note, each class runs from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., unless otherwise noted in the schedule.

Course Outline

A complete schedule will be available on the first day of class but students can expect the curriculum to include the following areas of the Toronto Police Service:

  • Police Training such as arrest authorities, use of force, police vehicles, practical scenarios.
  • Investigations including Homicide, Sex Crimes, Firearms, Cybercrime, and Forensics.
  • Topics of interest such as Mental Health, Diversity, Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence, Traffic Safety, Community Partnerships and Neighbourhood Policing

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