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Toronto Police Service to Enforce Paid On-Street Parking on Statutory Holidays,
Effective February 19, 2024


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Effective February 19, 2024, the Toronto Police Service will begin enforcing paid on-street parking on statutory holidays in Toronto. Historically, the Toronto Police Service’s Parking Enforcement Unit did not enforce paid on-street parking on these holidays, a decision rooted in past bylaws and operational choices.

This change is a response to the evolving needs of our growing city, where the demand for parking has significantly increased. The enforcement of paid on-street parking on statutory holidays is a measure to address the increasing competition for curb space and the need for efficient parking management.

Key Points of the New Enforcement Policy:

  • Start date: The enforcement of paid street parking on statutory holidays will begin on February 19, 2024.
  • Reason for change: Increased competition for curb space due to streetcar corridors, bike lanes, CaféTO, and other infrastructure developments are highlighting the necessity for more consistent parking enforcement.
  • What parking is impacted: this change relates to on-street parking only, which is enforced by the Toronto Police Service’s Parking Enforcement Unit.
  • Who made the change: this is an operational decision being made by the Toronto Police Service, who enforce on-street parking. Historically, it has been a practice not to enforce, but there are no by-laws that explicitly exempt statutory holidays from enforcement and this change aligns with existing bylaws that permit enforcement on those days.
  • Where does the money go: On-street parking rates are controlled by, and collected for, the City of Toronto.

Learn more under ‘Holiday Parking’: About Parking Violations – City of Toronto

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