$1M in Drugs, Gun Seized

12 Division
An alert citizen who discovered a purse containing drugs in a parking lot last December has led to three arrests and the seizure of a firearm, over $100,000 in cash and nearly $1 million worth of drugs.

Acting Superintendent Riyaz Hussein of 12 Division credited the work of his officers with turning a small lead into a significant arrest.

“They are committed to community safety, so they fully appreciate the negative impact of drugs and guns in the community,” he said. “To engage in an investigation of this magnitude, resulting in the seizure of over $1 million worth of narcotics of various types and a firearm really amounts to a significant dent in the local drug trade and it’s another gun off the street in our Division.”

On December 19, the 12 Division Neighbourhood Enforcement Team (NET) started an investigation after a citizen’s discovery of a purse in a parking lot in the vicinity of Jane St. and Alliance Ave. that investigators traced back to a female suspect. NET officers have been tasked, specifically, with suppressing violent crimes, drugs, gangs and guns in 12 Division after an increase in gun violence.

At the time the purse was found it allegedly contained $240 cash and a high quantity of narcotics that included cocaine, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, fentanyl and hashish that were packaged for sale.

On May 23, NET team officers were conducting surveillance on the suspect when they observed her engaging in a transaction with an unknown male. Both of them were arrested.

White powder in plastic bags on table
Various drugs packaged for sale
Canadian money on a table
Over $130,000 in cash was seized by investigators

The man was allegedly found with 2.48 grams of cocaine and 7.2 grams of marijuana on him when he was arrested. The alleged dealer was found to be in possession of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, hashish, mushrooms and oxycodone. She also had $450.

After the arrest of the pair, the NET requested the assistance of the 12 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau and the 12 Division Community Response Safety Team, who staked out a third Person of Interest near his residence.

When police stopped him after he left his residence, officers allegedly discovered large amounts of illicit drugs inside the vehicle and he was placed under arrest.

He also allegedly had a .40 calibre Ruger P94 semi-automatic pistol with the serial number removed, 101 rounds of ammunition and $130,000 in cash, along with large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana.

The NET also obtained four search warrants for two addresses of interest and two search warrants for two vehicles that were later executed and a quantity of drugs allegedly found.

Ho Nguyen, 35, is charged with over 10 counts of drug trafficking and two counts of possession of the proceeds of crime.

Hoa Nguyen, 36, is charged with drug trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime and firearm offences.

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