A Night To Appreciate Auxiliaries

43 Division

On Wednesday February 19, 2014, 43 Division took time to honour and show appreciation to its 27 Auxiliary Officers in its annual Auxiliary Appreciation Night.

The 43 Division Community Room was transformed to an award venue for the night. Attending invitees included Superintendent Mark Fenton, Community Response Unit Staff Sergeant Peter Moreira and Auxiliary Inspector Leonard Lyn.

The year of 2013 was a busy year for 43 Division Auxiliary Officers. Both locally and globally, 43 Division Auxiliary Officers volunteered over 7,234 hours of volunteer time. Much support was given to 43 Division in assistance with crime prevention Initiatives, emergency callouts and specialty training (social media, graffiti eradication).

Each officer was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a small token of appreciation in a gift bag. It is a tradition I began to celebrate the work ofAuxiliary officers, who volunteer so much time in support of the Service.

Awards were then presented for Fitness Pin Testing, Years of Service, Leadership and 43 Division Auxiliary Officer of the Year.

The 43 Division Auxiliary of the Year award was presented to Auxiliary Constable Errol Walters. This officer has been in the Auxiliary Program for over 23 years. According to Auxiliary Staff Sergeant Therese Kwok, “Errol is a reliable and dedicated Officer”. Officer Walters had a personal medical concern last year but was able to bounce back to participating in the Auxiliary program. Besides doing numerous details and adhering to the Toronto Police Service core values, he is also a member of the Auxiliary Marching Unit.

A permanent plaque with three previous 43 Division Auxiliary Officers of the Year and now Auxiliary Constable Walters is displayed in the main 43 Division lobby.

43 Division has a truly dedicated and enthusiastic group of officers. Although a small gesture, the Appreciation Night goes a long way to build rapport with these volunteers and helps keep the spirit of the program alive.

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A cake with a TPS crest
A cake mimicking the checkered Auxiliary hatband Photo: 43 Division
A large group of men and women in TPS uniform
Police and Auxiliary officers gather for a group photo at the Appreciation night at 43 Division station community room Photo: 43 Division

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