Act of Remembrance

By Brent Smyth

Brent Smyth


Office of the Chief

In continuation of the long-standing tradition, the names of the fallen TPS officers from World War I & II were read aloud at Toronto Police Service Headquarters in front of the Honour Roll that bears their names.

The annual Toronto Police Military Veterans Association (TPMVA) Remembrance ceremony is a reminder of the sacrifices made by military veterans who died for our freedom.

Wreaths in honour of the fallen were laid in memory, on behalf of the Toronto Police Services Board, the Toronto Police Service, the TPMVA and the families of fallen soldiers.

For retired Toronto Police Staff Superintendent Jack Reid, 98, a veteran of World War II, the ceremony is deeply personal.

“The guys I served with, to remember them is very meaningful. I was lucky I got through,” he said. “I had a lot of buddies when I started with the service in 1941 who didn't come back. It brings a lot of memories back.”

Chief Demkiw said this ceremony is part of Canadian consciousness.

"These ceremonies foster national reflection on the cost of freedom, and collective remembrance, ensuring that the courage and contributions of those who served are never forgotten."

Police Chief lays a wreath
Chief Demkiw lays a wreath to honour fallen soldiers during the ceremony Photo: Brent Smyth

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