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The Service has been recognized for giving students an opportunity to gain life and job skills.

The Provincial Partnership Council (PPC) recognized the Toronto Police Service for providing a significant number of experiential learning opportunities for Ontario secondary school students in 2013.

Hundreds of volunteer co-op students, as well as paid Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI) students, work in a wide variety of roles throughout the year.

Deputy Chief Mike Federico, Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano and Employment Manager Ann-Marie Henry were presented with the award by PPC Chair Jon Hamovitch.

“Through diverse educational and professional work assignments, students have developed relationships within their neighbourhood and, as you know and we know, relationships between the police and the community help us all,” said Hamovitch, a human resources executive as well as PPC chair. “It gives students skills they can not only use in law enforcement but help them in all aspects of their lives.”

He said other organizations should look to the Service as an example to follow as they have attained the PPC status for the third year in a row. He said that, beyond providing work experience, the Service has exposed students to all facets of the organization through education days visiting specialized sections such as Forensic Identification Services and the Emergency Task Force among others.

Three men and two women standing in a line, man in TPS uniform holding a glass award, woman holding a certificate
Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano, Deputy Chief Mike Federico, Provincial Partnership Council Chair Jon Hamovitch and Employment Manager Annmarie Henry Photo: Kevin Masterman

Federico said the investment in youth is important.

“We’re a service that delivers its product through its people. So, we invest in our human resources. You’re an example of how we try to encourage community participation at its earliest stages in developing personal careers,” Federico said. “While you might not know it while you’re involved in the day-to-day activity of your assignment, you’re helping the police service provide safety to the community by giving us that essential support that allows our members to do the work that they do.”

Employment Manger Ann-Marie Henry said youth contribute greatly to the organization.

“I’m a very big proponent of having youth come in. It refreshes the organization. Having individuals come in provides an absolute new perspective,” Henry said. “Youth are really a representation of what our future workforce will be.”

She said young people get solid work knowledge to incorporate into their future careers whether it’s with the Service or in another field.

“We’re happy to have helped provide the skill sets to move forward with your prospective careers,” Henry said.

Find out more about working or volunteering with the Toronto Police Service on our Careers webpage

A man in TPS uniform speaks at a podium to a group of seated people
Deputy Chief Mike Federico speaks to students and Service members after accepting the award Photo: Kevin Masterman

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