B&E Suspects Tracked Across City

22 Division
Coordinated police teamwork and help from a ride-sharing driver resulted in the arrests of two suspects.

On May 25, two suspects attempted to break into a residence before stealing a vehicle from the driveway in 32 Division.

“When the owner becomes aware that his car is stolen, he tracks it down through the GPS to an address in 22 Division and calls us,” said Det. Kevin Hamilton, of 22 Division Major Crime Unit.

Primary Response Unit officers from the lower Etobicoke Division attended the address and located the vehicle and two suspects standing near it in an underground garage.

“They fled on foot and boarded the subway at Islington Station,” said Hamilton. “We communicated with the dispatcher and notify the Toronto Transit Commission. The TTC security informs us that the suspects left the eastbound train at Old Mill and were headed in a southern direction.”

Police apprehended one of the suspects nearby after a brief foot chase.

During the pursuit, he discarded several items, including an unloaded firearm.

About an hour later, a ride-sharing driver contacted police through social media, saying he had dropped off someone at Yonge & Dundas Square believed to be taking part in criminal activity.

“We contacted 51 and 52 Divisions and they checked the area as he was last seen going north on Yonge St.,” Hamilton pointed out. “51 Division officers picked him up at Victoria & Gould Sts.”

Police are also alleging that the two men arrested broke into a residential home on May 24 in 22 Division.

“We were already looking for them,” added Hamilton. “We are also investigating them with other offences.”

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