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A new webpage will allow the public to get a clear picture of the Toronto Police Service budget sooner than ever before.

The public will also get the opportunity to attend a Community Information Session hosted by the Toronto Police Services Board’s Budget Committee and moderated by Budget Committee Chair Councillor Shelley Carroll. This session will be held in the second floor auditorium at police headquarters on Tuesday September 19, at 6 p.m.

In response to the Board’s decision to make its budget process more transparent and accessible to the public, the webpage and information session allow greater access than ever to the Toronto Police Service budget.

The Board’s Budget Committee will hold a public meeting on October 5 at police headquarters, led by Committee Chair Councillor Shelley Carroll, to consider the draft 2018 police budgets. The Board will be presented with the Budget Committee’s recommendations for approval at the October 26 Police Services Board meeting.

The community will have an opportunity to make deputations at both the Budget Committee meeting on October 5 and at the Board’s regular public meeting on October 26.

Visit tps.on.ca/budget to review the latest budget proposal

Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano said the budget will be more accessible so that it can be better understood as well as invite input.

“The September 19th information session will include a Budget 101 presentation. We are showing the public how we build our budget and the key components,” Veneziano said. “We want to ensure that the budget is understood, clear up any misconceptions and also answer any questions.”

“We’re very much committed to developing budgets that are affordable and sustainable in the long term, while working within the city’s fiscal pressures,” Veneziano said, of the budget that has a zero per cent increase for the second straight year.

Veneziano said there will be savings through merging buildings and using space more efficiently in the future.

“We’re consolidating and renovating facilities,” he said. “We’re reducing our footprint and returning facilities to the city.”

He said that there are also investments to be made in improving technology so officers can be connected to the Service anywhere they work.

“We still need to make investments, but we need to do it in a fiscally responsible manner and justify the costs of those investments,” he said.

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