Celebrating Buddhist Community

52 Division

The Chinese Community Consultative Committee took part in a celebration marking Buddha's birth recently.

Superintendent Dave McCormack and members of TPS Chinese Community Consultative Committee among the thousand guests attended the 8th Wesak Festival Vegetarian Banquet at Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The Service was on hand to support the fundraising event by The Cham Shan Temple to support theconstruction of the Four Great Sacred Buddhist Mountains in Canada.

Participants took part in the bathing of the baby Buddha ceremony, where scented blessed water is poured over a small statuette to symbolize the promise of the end of sufferingand ignorance.

York Regional Police Service Chief Eric Jolliffe also joined inthe celebration.

A woman holding scarfs on stage
A Dunghuang Goddess performance Photo: Alice Tham
A group of people standing in front of a table on stage holding ladles
Members of the Chinese Community Consultative Committee take part in the bathing of the baby Buddha, to celebrate the birth of Buddha Photo: Alice Tham
A large group seated at a table
Staff Superintendent David McCormack and York Regional Police Service Chief Eric Jolliffe joined in the celebration Photo: Alice Tham
A man in TPS uniform at a podium
Staff Superintendent David McCormack, chair of the Chinese Community Consultative Committee, speaks at the dinner Photo: Alice Tham

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