Centre Court Honours

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A group of Toronto police officers got an unexpected stage at centre court at halftime of a Raptors game.

The group of officers represented the 2016 Police Officers of the Month, nominated for their work to keep the city safe. The 50th Annual Toronto Regional Board of Trade Police Officer of the Year Award will be presented on May 16 at First Canadian Place.

“When everyone hit centre court, and you hear the building of thousands applauding, that’s not something you get every day. I wish I could have put all 5,000 uniform officers on the court that day so they could understand that Toronto Police Service members are so respected and well-liked by our community,” said Chief Mark Saunders, who stood by their side. “It’s an honour for me to be able to showcase the work that the men and women of the Toronto Police Service do.”

Saunders invited members of the community to join the celebration, dubbed Beyond the Call of Duty, at First Canadian Place on May 16.

A group of men and women in TPS uniform speaking to a man
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment President & CEO Michael Friisdahl speaks to some of the Police Officers of the Month Photo: Alice Tham

“It showcases why we’re leaders in world policing. When you read the stories, you see how our men and women perform and adhere to the training and how they’re able to adapt to the circumstances at hand and have these successful outcomes,” Saunders said. “It’s not just from the bravery or honour perspective but when we look at the de-escalation abilities, the compassion they show and just the resilience to deal with these types of situations and we do it on a day-to-day basis.”

He said he is always astounded by the work of officers and knows others will be too.

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