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Service members raised over $42,000 for the Movember Foundation this year.

Across the Service, 121 MoBros and MoSistas, registered across 15 Divisional teams, raised $34,471, with the Toronto Police Association (TPA) contributing an extra $7,554, to match the funds raised by the top team, 12 Division’s Follicle Force.

Follicle Force team caption Detective Scott Bradbury said he initially got involved in the fundraiser, three years ago, because of a family history with prostate cancer.

“Men’s health issues affect everyone, and we want to drive our guys to get in to their doctors, and talk about those problems that we normally don’t talk about,” said Bradbury, who raised over $4,000. “The goal is to raise awareness but, if we can raise some funds while we do that, that is fantastic.”

Rounding out the top individual TPS fundraisers were Inspector Stu Eley, who raised $1,844 and Court Officer Josh Wilson, who raised $1,813.

A passionate and well-supported effort from the Court Services team found them in second place in the team challenge, with $6,462 raised, and TPS Headquarters Team #EpicMoustache came in third with $3,202.

Two men in Toronto Fire uniform speak with a  man in TPS Court uniform
Court Officer David MacKrell speaks to Toronto firefighters who helped support the Movember Foundation Photo: Martin Blake
A group of men and women in TPS, Toronto Fire and Toronto Paramedic uniforms hold a banner with a moustache
Toronto First Responders gather to support the Movember Foundation Photo: Martin Blake

Across Canada in 2015, 840 uniform and civilian police service members took part in the Movember MoPo Great Canadian Police Challenge and collectively raised $203,343.

“The camaraderie we’ve seen with police participation in Movember across Canada, and the world, has been incredible,” said Jesse Hayman, Director of Community Engagement for Movember Canada. “The funds raised are really amazing, and go to game-changing programs in men’s health, but what is really important are these conversations that are changing people’s lives. It really does make a difference.”

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