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There is no statute of limitations when it comes to murder and the person responsible for two brutal killings, within a four-month month span in 1983, will be held accountable, dead or alive.

Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant made the promise as cold case investigators – with DNA evidence secured 16 years ago – seek to bring the killer to justice for the brutal slayings of Erin Gilmour and Susan Tice.

“Even if he’s on his deathbed, it wouldn’t matter to us,” said Gallant. “He’s still going to be put before the court and held accountable. If he’s dead and we find out who he is, we are going to find ways to obtain DNA to determine whether or not he’s responsible.”

Gilmour, 22, was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in her Yorkville apartment on December 20, 1983. Four months earlier, 45-year-old Tice – a mother of four who had recently moved back to Toronto from Calgary after separating from husband – was sexually assaulted and stabbed repeatedly in the chest. She resided on Grace St. Both cases were linked by DNA obtained at the crimes scenes.

“The killings were not looked at, back in the day, as connected,” said Gallant. “We are, however, certain it’s the same offender responsible for the two murders.”

He said both cases have been extensively examined.

“We are looking for people who were common to both women,” Gallant noted. “We are going through everything we have and reaching out to the public for names of people who might be in common with the two women.”

At various times, Tice ate and shopped in Yorkville, where Gilmour resided.

“We do have a common area between the two of them,” said Gallant. “What we are looking for is that common person who may have met both of them independently, or may have crossed paths with them both at the same time. With the occurrences happening in their own homes, it’s obvious that the offender determined somehow where they both lived and started to follow them. Or, he could have had a relationship with them.”

Gallant is confident that the killer, if he’s alive, will be arrested.

“With the passage of time, people who commit crimes like these may have spoken to someone else that would help that person form a belief that he may be responsible,” he said. “It’s more than likely that he told someone.”

The holder of a nursing degree from McMaster University and a Master’s in social work from the University of Toronto, Tice worked with disadvantaged children.

An aspiring fashion designer, Gilmour worked at an upscale Yorkville boutique.

Years ago, the Gilmour family offered a $200,000 reward for information that would lead to an arrest and conviction.

“That offer is still on the table and we are still in contact with the Gilmour family,” Gallant said. “They are still in Toronto and very much encouraged that someone will come forward. We just need the right tip from someone. We have the DNA and we know who the person responsible for these heinous crimes is. We just need a name.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7400, or to give a tip to Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637).

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