Compassionate Response to Victims of Home Invasion

22 Division

A community resident felt compelled to thank Toronto Police officers for their assistance after he and his wife were assaulted in a home invasion.

Bill Robbins and his wife Anne were attacked at their Etobicoke residence in what was a random robbery.

In a letter sent to Supt. Domenic Sinopoli, the victim thanked Consts. Jacqui Onyszkiewicz and Guna Thangaveloo, of 22 Division, and Det. Jennifer Cash, of the Hold Up Squad.

“These officers were wonderful, caring and they went above and beyond,” Robbins said in his letter. “Const. Jacqui calmed and supported my wife. She is amazing. Const. Guna accompanied me to the hospital, took pictures and spent time with me just talking. He also stopped by the next day at our home to see how I was doing. Jacqui also stopped by and brought a get-well card from 22 Division.

“Det. Cash was terrific. She and Jacqui came to our home to inform us that my assailant had been arrested. These officers are amazing, caring and dedicated people that exemplify all that is so great about Toronto Police Service. We thank you and your wonderful Division from the bottom of our hearts.”

Cash said every citizen should feel safe in his or her home.

“On Thanksgiving Sunday last year, the victim had that feeling of safety taken away,” she said. “The attending officers from 22 Division Primary Response Unit, Major Crime Unit and Forensic Identification Services responded and did everything necessary to help identify the suspect who was arrested days later because of their efforts.”

Sinopoli, the South West District Superintendent who oversees 22 Division, penned a thank-you letter to Robbins.

“I am very pleased they were able to offer you and your wife the assistance and support you needed during your frightening ordeal,” he said. “Helping the public and people in crisis is an honour and strengthening the bond between the police and the community we serve is one of our top priorities. Being able to protect and assist community members are the primary goals of each officer and we thank you again for taking the time to express your appreciation through your kind letter.”

A handwritten letter
A letter to 22 Division from a victim of a home invasion thanking officers for their response Photo: 22 Division



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