Consider a Career in Policing

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


Toronto Police Service (TPS) has launched a video that celebrates members and promotes recruitment during Police Week.

“Our civilian professionals and police officers play a key role in community safety,” said Chief Myron Demkiw at Police Week launch at headquarters on May 13. “So whether you are interested in a civilian role or you want to be a police officer who is willing to run towards danger to help those in need, we encourage you to consider a career in policing. Entering a career in public service, especially in public safety, is noble, challenging and rewarding.

“There has never been a better time to join our Service and work with our communities to ensure we are harnessing new technologies and analytical capacities that better address the needs of Torontonians. It is essential that our recruiting efforts also work to ensure that our membership is representative of the communities we serve.”

The Talent Acquisition Unit produced the video as part of their focused strategy to enhance diversity, including targeted recruitment efforts for under-represented communities and demographics.

Police Week is celebrated from May 12-18.

This year’s theme is ‘Join Policing: Keep Ontario Safe’.

“The theme encourages members of the public to consider a career with their police services, either as a uniform or civilian member, demonstrating the value, fulfillment and diversity a career in policing has to offer,” said Toronto Police Service Board Chair Ann Morgan. “Policing is a noble profession, one that requires integrity, empathy and a wide range of skills and abilities. It affords an opportunity for continuous learning and the chance to make a meaningful impact in one’s community.”

Morgan said it is imperative that the Service represents the diverse community it serves.

“The Board very much supports the innovative and proactive efforts of the Toronto Police Service to truly broaden its reach, attracting people from all nationalities, backgrounds and walks of life to consider a career with our organization,” she pointed out. “As we celebrate Police Week, we also reflect on the changing understanding of policing as we reimagine what community safety is and means and the role the public must undoubtedly play.

“It is critical that both police and the community acknowledge the vital principle that policing today must be comprehensive and multi-dimensional and must include community mobilization and public engagement as core components to building safe and healthy communities. Our Board is extremely proud of the incredible work of our Service in partnering with Toronto’s communities to deliver effective, compassionate, intelligence-led and equitable policing services to the people of this city. We see daily the dedication of our Service members to developing innovative and comprehensive initiatives that are both strategic and dynamic.”

TPS employs nearly 8,000 uniform and civilian members.

Toronto Police Association President Jon Reid shared what it means being associated with Canada’s largest municipal service.

“It means having the best job anyone could ask for,” he said. “Even after 35 years, I still think it is the best job in the world. It means standing beside the members who are here today, women who represent the best our Service has to offer. They are professionals and they are mentors, inside and outside of our organization.

“It means standing beside the members who are on our streets, in cars, on bicycles, on horses, on motorcycles, with dogs, on foot, on the phone, collecting evidence, fixing cars, analyzing data, investigating crimes and countless other duties that keep our communities safe. The pride our members take in their job and each other is second-to-none. When you apply to the Toronto Police Service that is what awaits you: a family. I know this is an excellent opportunity to encourage others to apply to the Toronto Police Service.”

Member of Provincial Parliament Graham Morgan, who represented the Ontario government, noted that policing is much more than a job.

“It is a selfless calling,” the Brampton North MPP who is the Parliamentary Associate to the Solicitor General said. “It is a call to perform your duties to the best of your abilities and put service over self. It is only when we work together, we create a unified force that stands resilient, unwavering and committed to the safety of our communities.”

Celebrated since 1970, Police Week is an opportunity to highlight the incredible work members do daily to serve and protect communities and celebrate community partnerships.

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