CPR at Right Place, Right Time

14 Division

Four off-duty constables from 14 Division sprang to action to help a man who collapsed.

They were having breakfast when the man collapsed in the restaurant. Heappeared to have had a heart attack and lost consciousness and was being helped by another patron who came to his aid.

The officers rushed in to perform CPR.

Constable Nicola McIsaac began chest compressions while Constable Phillip DeLima spoke to 9-1-1 operator to explain the situation. Constable Justin Storey checked the airway for any blockages and Constable Usman Haroon jumped in to relieve Nicola on chest compressions.

They noticed a medical alert bracelet the man had on his wrist showing he had bypass surgery and a pacemaker, which was not working as it should have. They were able to revive the man. He regained consciousness and paramedics took him to hospital where it was reported he was doing well.

Two men in TPS uniform with a man and a woman
Constables Philip De Lima, Nicola McIsaac, Usman Haroon and Justin Storey Photo: Rochelle Burnett

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