Delivering Kindness to Community

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To mark World Kindness Day on November 13, Toronto Police Service (TPS) partnered with Humaniti to distribute meals in 10 Divisions across the city.

Deputy Chief Peter Yuen visited several locations throughout the day to thank volunteers, engage with community members and support the TPS members working to make this day possible.

“There are a number of neighbourhoods that need assistance and we are thrilled to be part of this initiative,” he said.

Through its ‘Share A Meal’ project, Humaniti sourced 2,000 hot meals from three of its restaurant partners.

“We are encouraging people to be kind today,” said the organization’s Executive Director Firaaz Azeez. “Our way of showing kindness is to share a meal. It is a very simple concept of sharing hot meals across the city to those who wouldn’t have access to those. The fact that we could do it with our friends at Toronto Police Service is amazing. To be able to get into vulnerable communities is something we are thrilled to be able to do.”

Const. Sunny Sidhu welcomed the opportunity to be part of the initiative.

“It’s great for us to be out here in the community because we are building trust while enabling residents to enjoy a better quality of life,” he said. “I grew up in this community and it’s great to be back helping the people I grew up with.”

Two men in TPS uniform with a box of takeout containers
Neighbourhood Community Officers Constables Mark Gray and Sunny Sidhu delivered meals in the Empringham neighbourhood they serve Photo: Martin Blake
A group of people standing over takeout containers
Volunteers packed meals donated by local businesses Photo: Martin Blake

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