Devastating Loss of an Officer

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


Traffic Services


A Toronto Police officer was allegedly ambushed and fatally shot while on a lunch break during a training exercise.

On September 12, at around 2:15 p.m., Constable Andrew Hong, of Traffic Services, stopped in the area of Argentia Rd. and Winston Churchill Blvd. at a local Tim Horton's restaurant.

 The 48-year-old officer was in Mississauga taking part in a joint training exercise with officers from Peel and York.

At a news conference near the location where the officer lost his life, Chief James Ramer said the details of the murder are the subject of a Peel Regional Police Service investigation.

“I am working closely with Chief Nishan Duraiappah to determine what exactly happened to our officer,” he said. “I can say that our preliminary information is that Constable Hong was shot at close range and died at the scene.”

Police officer at a podium
Chief James Ramer speaks about the loss of Constable Andrew Hong Photo: Kevin Masterman

Ramer said Peel has the full support of Toronto Police Service in their investigation.

Hong, who joined the Service 22 years ago, is survived by his wife, two children and his parents.

Prior to the news conference, the Chief met with the late officer’s family at their home.

“I have committed to his family that they will have the full support of Toronto Police Service everyday going forward,” he said. “This is devastating news for his family and for all members of Toronto Police Service and our entire policing community. We will lean on each other while we work to support Constable Hong’s family and each other in our grief.”

Ramer thanked the neighbouring police services and the public in the province who have offered condolences and support to Toronto Police.

Toronto Police Association (TPA) President Jon Reid also met with Hong's family.

“Losing a member in the line of duty has rippling effects across our membership, the broader police community and our city,” he said. “The TPA will work with the Service to provide whatever support Andrew’s family, friends and colleagues require during this process. Policing is an honourable profession. When members go to work each and every day in service to others, they often put themselves in harm’s way. Today is a stark reminder of how this work can result in members’ paying the ultimate sacrifice. We all owe Andrew our respect and gratitude.”

Duraippah said a second person shot at the same scene where the officer died, suffered life-altering injuries and is being treated in hospital.

Police allege the same suspect that shot the officer was involved in another shooting in Halton that left a person dead and two others injured.

The suspect was later pronounced dead in Hamilton.

An Honour Guard of Peel Regional Police officers saluted as the procession carrying Constable Andrew Hong made its way to the Office of the Chief Coroner under the escort of Toronto and Peel officers. Toronto officers lined the final block of the procession with emergency lighting engaged on their vehicles in tribute to the fallen officer.

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