Donation Addresses Food Insecurity

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


32 Division

On January 25, 32 Division Neighbourhood Community Officers partnered with Unison health & Community Services to distribute fresh fruit and vegetables to over 120 individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

The Division’s Community Police Liaison Committee donated $1,000 just before the holiday season after Staff Sergeant Sean Cosgrove met Amy Cheng, Unison’s Urban Health Program manager a few months ago.

Unison provides programs and services to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

“At that meeting of United Way of Greater Toronto cluster agencies, the issues of homelessness and food insecurity were hot topic items,” said Cosgrove. “I felt that we at 32 could make a difference and so I reached out to Amy Cheng who told me that food insecurity was a major concern in the community.”

He said 32 Division NCO is looking forward to serving the community in collaboration with Unison.

“The shared values of accountability, collaboration and equity have allowed us to make a real impact in addressing homelessness and food insecurity in the Englemount-Lawrence community,” Cosgrove added.


A police officer with two other people
A recipient of fresh food donated by the Community Police Liaison Committee




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