Donation Makes Difference for Victims

When a company approached the Chief to pick a non-profit agency that makes a huge difference in the city to donate to, he had a single answer: Victim Services Toronto.

Versaterm, the provider of the Service’s electronic records management system donated $15,000 to Victim Services Toronto, the non-profit agency that provides support to thousands of victims of crime and sudden tragedy each year.

Deputy Chief Jim Ramer said Victim Services Toronto is considered a crucial social service agency.

“We’ve come to rely on them as a partner in supporting victims,” Ramer said.

The Chief’s Gala for Victim Services Toronto (VST) raised over $300,000 last year for the agency that relies on donations for 35% of their budget.

“This is huge. $15,000 goes a long way,” said VST Executive Director Bonnie Levine. “Some of the expenses go directly to victims. We had a young teenager who was the victim of extreme bullying so much so that the other kids lit his hair on fire. It was a terrible situation over a long time. For the remainder of the school year we were able to pay for cab fare to and from school. That’s not something we normally have funding for but it made a tremendous difference in their life.”

Levine said the money can fund:

  • operate all our programs and services for 62 hours
  • help 156 people
  • educate 789 young people on how to engage in healthy relationships and avoid abusive ones

Levine said their therapy dog program is also exclusively funded by donations.

Versaterm Project Manager Kimberly Vachon delivered the cheque on behalf of company President & CEO Warren Loomis.

“We seek to give back to the community in the cities that we work in by donating a portion of our earnings and we ask the Chief in that city to determine which charity or charities,” Vachon said. “This is a very family-oriented company and it’s our way of showing gratitude to all the cities that work with us.”

Two women holding a cheque beside a man in TPS uniform
Kimberly Vachon hands over a cheque to Victim Services Executive Director Bonnie Levine alongside Deputy Chief Jim Ramer Photo: Kevin Masterman

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