Drugs, Cash Seized After Robbery

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


53 Division

A gunpoint robbery investigation in 53 Division on January 15 led police to recover four loaded firearms and seize drugs and cash.

Detective J. Daniel Kraehling of the Major Crime Unit (MCU) said the victim called a man she knew to buy cocaine in the early morning hours. It’s alleged the man arrived with two others and abducted the woman at gunpoint when she got into their car.

“They took her phone and proceeded to take her to her home where a break and enter was committed on her apartment while she was still held at gunpoint,” he said, of the suspects who stole money from the woman. “Once the burglary was complete, the suspects made the victim factory reset her phone so she would not have the accused number and then dumped her in the area of Eglinton Ave. E. and Mount Pleasant Ave.”

During the investigation, the Division’s MCU executed four search warrants and recovered the vehicle used during the offence, four loaded firearms and about nine kilos of fentanyl, cocaine, meth and heroin. They also seized $160,000 in cash and arrested all three people alleged to have been involved in the gunpoint robbery.

Three more suspects were also arrested in connection with the seizures.

“Through good old-fashioned knocking on doors and getting videos, our officers turned this into a very solid investigation and were able to arrest the people responsible for the gunpoint robbery and seize guns, drugs and cash,” said Kraehling.

Superintendent Greg Cole praised the teamwork between the Primary Response Unit (PRU) officers and the MCU team.

“The PRU members went to the original call and were able to garner information,” he said. “Then the MCU jumped right in and immediately found the suspects. From there, they ended getting guns, drugs and cash.”

Table with handguns and plastic bags of substances
Drugs and handguns seized in robbery investigation



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