Enforcement Targets Serious Collisions

23 Division
Traffic Services


Toronto Police Officers are zeroing in on the behaviours that put everyone at risk on the roads including speeding as well as aggressive and distracted driving.

The Summer Traffic Safety Campaign will see additional enforcement of intersections, school zones and impaired driving rotating through all areas of the city as part of efforts to support the Vision Zero action plan to reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets.

“Road collisions are inevitable but the most serious life threatening collisions and are in fact preventable,” said Traffic Services Superintendent Scott Baptist. “Any death attributed to motor vehicle use, whether it be a driver, cyclist or pedestrian is a tragedy every one is preventable. We all need to coexist on roadways in a safe way.”

He said the police role in Vision Zero is to raise awareness of how to stay safe on the streets as well as enforce the laws that are designed to create a safe environment on the roads.

Traffic Services will support local officers in week-long initiatives that will run between July and October to focus on the six emphasis areas: pedestrians, school children, older adults, cyclists, motorcyclists, aggressive driving and distraction.

“We believe strategic enforcement throughout the city shows these types of behaviours will not be tolerated,” Baptist said.

There will also be heightened RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) spot checks during the summer and fall.

“Whether it is by alcohol or drug the message continues to need to be sent that impaired driving is not tolerated in Toronto,” he said.

In the first week of the campaign in 12, 23 and 31 Divisions, over 1,500 provincial offence notices were issued. 

The top infractions were:


Speeding: 984 

  • Disobey Sign Offences: 257
Distracted Driving Offences: 80 

  • Turning Offences: 88

  • Disobey Traffic Signal: 79 

  • Careless Driving: 16 

There was also enforcement of impaired driving, a criminal code offence: 

  • Impaired Driving Arrests: 2 

  • Warn Range Driving Suspensions: 6

A week-long campaign of enforcement will take place in 32 and 33 Divisions starting on Monday, July 16.

Chief Mark Saunders said Torontonians need to keep talking about safe use of the roads.

“Enforcing the rules of the road is an important component to traffic safety but it is not the only answer,” said Chief Saunders. “We will also be asking the public to engage with us to improve everyone’s understanding of what respectful, safe, road-sharing looks like. It is this collaborative effort that will result in meaningful changes."

The Service will be using social media and community engagement to enhance public awareness of road safety in an effort to generate better decision making resulting in safer streets. Auxiliary Officers, Community Liaison Officers and others across the Service will be spread out across the city to share information in person and digitally, using #YourStreetsYourSafety.

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