Four Handguns Seized

14 Division

A total of four firearms, three of them loaded, and a quantity of illicit drugs, have been seized by 14 Division officers in the last two weeks.

On September1 at around 4.29 p.m., officers observed a grey sedan in the area ofBathurst St. and King St. W. with a dark cover over the license plate.

Onapproaching the vehicle, they noted a strong odour of marijuana andobserved what appeared to be a green leafy substance on the centre console andcup holder. They further observed a sealed bag of marijuana on the frontpassenger street.

After advisingthe occupant that they would conduct a vehicle search, they found a blacksatchel on the passenger seat.

Before the accusedexited the vehicle, he accelerated and fled. His licence and a Glock 43X withtwo loaded magazines were located in the satchel.

Whilefleeing, the accused was involved in several motor vehicle collisions beforeabandoning the vehicle in the area of Lakeshore Blvd. W. and Park Lawn Rd.

He was laterlocated by officers and arrested.

EdwardCroft, 23, of Toronto, is facing 12 charges, including drug and weaponpossession and failing to stop for police.

Officers in 14 Division seized three handguns in a span of three days recently.

On August 17, officers from the Division’s Major Crime Unit were in the Lakeshore Blvd. W. and Bathurst St. area when it’s alleged they recognized a man who was in breach of his bail conditions.

The suspect, who was in a parking lot at 545 Lakeshore Blvd. W., fled when officers approached him. He was apprehended after a brief foot chase.

The firearm had a prohibited barrel.

“This is a very dangerous weapon because it was modified,” said Insp. Mandeep Mann of 14 Division. “Our officers are working relentlessly to track down and seize illicit firearms. This is just one example of the kind of exceptional work they are doing.”

Justin Barrett, 25, of Toronto faces 17 charges, including firearm and drug possession, making an automatic firearm and failure to comply with a release order.

On August 20, officers patrolling the King St. W. and Atlantic Ave. area pulled over a vehicle with a strong odour of marijuana coming from it.

It’s alleged that a quantity of marijuana and two loaded firearms were found in the vehicle.

The four occupants were arrested.

Ryan Balkaran and Shanth Thayanithy of Toronto, Piraveen Parmananthan of Oshawa and Shangeeve Ilangovan of Ajax face several drug and gun-related charges.

Parmananthan also was charged with three counts of failing to comply with probation.

They made a court appearance on August 21.

Photo of a handgun and a magazine of ammunition
Alleged modified fully automatic Glock 19 gun seized Photo: 14 Division

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