Furthering Inclusion With Sweet Treat

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Toronto Police officers took the opportunity to thank healthcare workers for their dedicated work with a special treat that benefits Special Olympics athletes.

Special Olympics Canada have partnered with Tim Hortons on a limited edition fundraising donut that will be sold across the country for $1.69.

The initiative runs from January 28 to 30 with 100 per cent of the proceeds supporting Special Olympics Canada.

The Choose To Include donut is a chocolate cake ring donut with white fondant, coloured sprinkles and whipped topping. The multi-coloured design was inspired by the themes of diversity and inclusion that are central to the Special Olympics mission.

The Toronto Police Service, a long-time Special Olympics supporter, will assist with the delivery of the special donuts.

Supt. Dave Rydzik and Jenniffer Quintero-Arias co-chair the Toronto Police Law Enforcement Torch Special Olympics committee.

Rydzik said officers will be promoting the fundraising campaign by delivering donuts to healthcare workers across the city.

“We will drop them off with special ‘Thank Yous’ from our officers and Special Olympics Ontario to show gratitude for all the work the health care practitioners have done and are doing during the pandemic,” Rydzik said.

A woman with a police officer giving thumbs up
Constable Mike Worts hands out donuts to Scarborough General staff Photo: Brent Smyth

Chief James Ramer made a special delivery to the Hospital for Sick Children alongside fellow officers.

Tim Hortons has been a proud sponsor of Special Olympics Canada since 2016. In addition to creating the Choose To Include fundraising donut, they are also the lead corporate sponsor of Special Olympics Canada's youth programs.

A group of people in front of a Sick Kids sign
Chief James Ramer and fellow officers brought the Choose to Include donut to Hospital for Sick Children staff Photo: Brent Smyth

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