Getting Senior Home Safe

22 Division
Constable Stephanie Lariviere was at the front desk at 22 Division on November 3, around 10.30 p.m., when a Beck taxi driver showed up seeking help.

He had an older woman in his car who didn’t know where she was going.

“The cabbie said she couldn’t figure it out and he had been driving around with her for quite a while,” said Lariviere.

She went to the taxi, comforted the woman who had a walker, and took her inside the station.

“The lady had a few bags with her, so it looked like she had done some shopping,” said Lariviere. “She wasn’t dressed for the weather. She was wearing light clothing.”

The officer was able to determine, after gaining permission to look through the woman’s purse and talking to the woman, that she was a resident at a seniors’ home in 23 Division.

The woman was taken to her residence by other officers who suggested to staff that she be supervised a bit more carefully.

“It feels good because I go back to think ‘what if that is my mother and father,’” Lariviere said. “I didn’t do anything that other officers wouldn’t have done… we come into contact like that on a daily basis and that’s what we do – we help them get home safe.”

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