Gun Seized by Quick Thinking Officers

31 Division
A pair of officers identified and arrested an armed man after being called to a fight.

After 3 a.m. Sunday March 6, officers from 31 Division were called after afight broke out at 1230 Sheppard Ave. W. near Downsview Park.

Inspector Don Theriault said the first officers on scene, Constables Christopher Frazer and Nathan Duke, scanned the crowd for any dangers as they approached.

“We are one of the busiest divisions for shooting occurrences,” he said.“That exposure gives our officers the experience and ability to approachchaotic scenes with a great deal of confidence and a heightened senseof awareness. It was this awareness that allowed our officers to key inon an individual who was displaying the characteristics of an armedperson."

He said the officers then saw the man separate himself from the crowd of people and discard a gun.

"They immediately engagedhim, safely placing him under arrest and seizing the gun. Now we haveone less gun on the street and that means we stopped a shooting in thefuture. It’s a team effort and we couldn’t be more proud of our officers.”

The man, who was wearing a ski mask, resisted arrest before being taken into custody.

A semi-automatic gun with a fully loaded magazine was recovered.

Hauntly Daniel, 23, is facing eight charges, including possession of a firearm.

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