Guns Headed for Street Seized

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


33 Division

An Ottawa resident is facing 136 charges after 28 handguns were found in a North York hotel room.

On August 21 at around 3 p.m., police received a call about a number of firearms discovered at a North York hotel.

It is alleged that hotel staff found three firearms while cleaning a room.

Officers attended the hotel, located the firearms and sealed the room. After securing a search warrant later the same day, police found an additional 25 firearms in the room.

Ahmed Farah, 30, was arrested and charged with various firearms offences and failing to comply with a release order.

At a media conference at police headquarters on August 28, Superintendent Steve Watts of Organized Crime Enforcement said the seizure is significant.

“As you know, gun violence continues to be one of the most significant public safety concerns in our city where the vast majority of gun violence is perpetuated by people who are unlawfully in possession of illegal firearms,” he said.

“The guns before you today were destined for our streets and, as a result of this seizure, will never be used to commit crimes or take someone life.”

The weapons seized include 20 Glock, four Springfield Army, three Smith & Wesson and one Sig Sauer pistols along with magazines.

Watts said a portion of the guns have been traced to the southern Unites States and the investigation into the origin of the others is ongoing.

Staff Superintendent Shannon Dawson thanked Service members, particularly the 33 Division Major Crime Unit, for their dedication to keeping the city’s communities safe.

“The seizure of these guns is going to save lives,” she said. “It demonstrates the commitment of the Toronto Police Service to hold those to account when they seek to put the wellbeing and safety of our communities, our friends and families at risk.”

So far this year, TPS has seized 382 crime handguns.

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