Guns Seized in Search Warrant

52 Division
Integrated Gun & Gang Task Force
Two guns were seized after a search warrant on a downtown condo unit in the early morning hours of July 17.

The Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force investigation led them to execute a warrant, with the Emergency Task Force, on a condo near Front St. W. and Spadina Ave. where they made six arrests after allegedly recovering two loaded handguns – a .45 calibre and a 9 mm.

“It’s entirely possible that these men have gang affiliations,” said Gun and Gang Task Force Inspector Don Belanger. “Gang members carry guns to use them when confronted by rivals to protect themselves or their drug turf. And it is not only those in gangs who can be victims of gun crime. Innocent bystanders, as we’ve seen, have been caught in the crossfire.”

In 2017, Toronto Police recovered 725 crime guns, which are guns used in a crime, intended for criminal use, illegally possessed, or have their serial numbers obliterated.

“Any time we take a gun from the street, in my opinion, we prevent shootings from occurring,” Belanger said. “These are guns that are being carried around our city that have the potential to be used. We are seeing gang members carrying guns with a ‘shoot-or-be-shot’ mentality when they encounter their rivals.”

When the search warrant was executed, it is alleged that the people inside tried to flee to evade arrest.

“Given that there allegedly were loaded guns in the place, it’s extremely fortunate that the officers were not injured during this search warrant,” Belanger said.

Ibrahim Abdikarim, 24, of Toronto; Jabril Abdirahman 25, of Mississauga; Abdullahi Abdikarim, 22, of Brampton; Huseen Nur, 31, of no fixed address; Maya Ahmed, 26, of Toronto; Liban Guled, 28, of Richmond Hill, all face firearms charges.

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