Hope for Holidays

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


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Project Hope is once again brightening the lives of refugees by letting them know that many people are wishing them health and happiness in their first holiday season in Canada.

TPS members are collecting donations, including toys, school supplies, winter jackets and new and used tablets and laptops for the families.

“Nearly 1,000 refugee families will benefit from this year’s exercise,” said Constable Mustafa Popalzai, of the distribution to families staying in temporary shelters and hotels. “We want to bring joy to the many newcomers and refugees from across the world as they celebrate their first holiday season in Canada.”

Donations are being accepted until December 10 at:



North York


In August 2021, Popalzai and Constable Farzad Ghotbi started Project Hope to support thousands of people who came from Afghanistan with nothing more than the clothes on their back after the collapse of the government.

With support of other police officers, agencies, community organizations and individuals, they have collected and delivered more than $500,000 in donations.

Both officers came to Canada as refugees themselves – Ghotbi from Iran and Popalzai from Afghanistan.

Police officers with boxes in a police van
Officers have begun collecting donations for Project Hope

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40 College St., Toronto, ON M5G 2J3
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