Keeping Toronto Moving

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


Parking Enforcement
Traffic Services


Toronto Police issued more than 7,000 traffic and parking tickets as part of a week of action and engagement from June 23 to 30.

Officers focused on clearing intersections, ensuring an orderly flow of traffic and charging road user behaviours to reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic safety.

“Traffic volume has gone up and people need to realize the traffic laws have not changed because of that,” said Staff Sergeant Paul Qureshi. “They need to abide by the rules of the road in terms of blocking intersections and allowing traffic to flow smoothly. We have to keep Toronto moving.”

A total of 4,135 Highway Traffic Act tickets along with 3,236 rush-hour specific parking tickets were issued to drivers.

Some of the charges include 1,701 for speeding, 757 for aggressive driving, 217 for distracted driving and 257 for traffic and pedestrian control.

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