Kids & Cops Conquer Dirt Bikes

Traffic Services


Toronto students kicked it into high gear on dirt bikes and ATVs recently as part of a day-long adventure alongside police officers.

Toronto Traffic Services Motor Squad officers and Jean Vanier Catholic School students learned how to ride at Horseshoe Riding Adventures at Horseshoe Resort just north of Barrie on May 30th.

Although, many of the students knew how to ride a bicycle, they had never had the experience of riding a dirt bike.

“Everyone had a blast. The kids came in a little timid and nervous when they were first presented with the bikes,” Higo said. “But at the end of the day they were riding proudly and very comfortably. I think they amazed themselves at how well they did.”

“And the officers got to build a positive relationship with the students.”

Higo said Horseshoe Riding Adventures instructors, who donated their services for the day, made everyone feel safe and secure on their rides.

“We drilled into the kids that safety is paramount,” Higo said. “It’s something that is very important to us as motorcycle officers.

“They learned to stop, go and maneuver on the training pad,” said Constable Jenelle Higo, before heading out on private trails to show off their new skills.

ProAction Cops & Kidsalso sponsored the event. The non-profit helps connect police officers with youth.

Youth with dirt bikes
A view of the training facility where kids took out their dirt bikes for a rip Photo: Traffic Services
A large group of people in dirt bike protective gear with others
Students geared up for off-roading alongside instructors and police officers Photo: Traffic Services

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