Largest Single Day Drug Seizure

Drug Squad
Drug Squad investigators have made the largest single-day seizure of drugs in Toronto police history, taking nearly 300 kilos of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine off the street.

“The significance of seizure of this size cannot be understated,” said Detective Operations Staff Superintendent Lauren Pogue. “Not only has it prevented possible overdoses but as we’ve said before violence in our city is often driven by three factors and those are: guns, gangs and drugs and when these factors collide the results are often tragic.”

On April 2, 2022, investigators arrested a man alleged to be in possession of 50 kilos of cocaine the underground parking lot near Yonge St. and The Esplanade.

Devante Moores, 29, of Toronto, has been charged with two counts of Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking and one count of Possession of Crystal Methamphetamine for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Officers then sought out judicial authorization to search a condo unit as well as Moore’s vehicle and his residence. In the unit, believed to be a stash house as there was no evidence of anyone living there, police allege they found an additional 139 kilos of cocaine and 97 kilos of crystal methamphetamine.

In total, the street value of the drugs is over $28.5 million.

Officers also seized almost $50,000 in cash from the man’s home and his car was found to be equipped with a professionally-built trap, more than likely used to transport drugs undetected.

Police officer at podium beside packaged drugs
Staff Superintendent Lauren Pogue speaks to reporters about the significance of the drug seizure Photo: Brent Smyth

Toronto Drug Squad Inspector Mandeep Mann commended the officers on their work.

“Our Drug Squad officers and many other plainclothes officers throughout the Service work in difficult circumstances behind the scenes,” said Mann. “When they get to see something tangible like this, they see they are having a direct impact on the safety of our communities. It’s great to have the opportunity to highlight their work.”

The previous largest single-day seizure was $18 million in November 2020, including a cache of firearms.

A seven-month investigation, Project Brisa, resulted in the largest international drug seizure in the Service’s history, over $61 million in drugs.

A total of 444 kilos of cocaine, 182 kilos of crystal meth, 427 kilos of marijuana, 300 oxycodone pills, 21 vehicles, including five tractor-trailers, $966,020 and a firearm were seized.

Man at podium behind tables of packaged drugs
Inspector Mandeep Mann speaks to reporters behind the largest single day drug seizure in the history of the Toronto Police Service Photo: Brent Smyth

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