Loaded Gun Seized From Teens

55 Division

Two teenagers have been charged after police uncovered a significant drug operation in the city’s east end.

A 17-year-old-boy and girl were arrested on February 10 in the course of a search warrant conducted in the Main St. & Gerrard St. E. area.

Police seized a loaded semi-automatic handgun, 600 grams of cocaine, 20 grams of crack cocaine and 10 grams of marijuana.

“While these youths were relatively unknown to us, they were operating a large-scale cocaine distribution business of approximately $20,000 a week,” said Det. Rob Whalen of 55 Division.

The young people, who had minor police records, appeared in court on February 11.

The boy has a bail hearing on Feb. 13 while the girl will return to court in a few weeks.

White powder in a black plastic bag
Cocaine seized by police during the investigation. Investigators seized 600 grams. Photo: 55 Division
A bundle of Canadian currency
Cash seized during the course of the investigation Photo: 55 Division

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