Make a Plan to Get Home Safely

By Martin Blake

Martin Blake


Traffic Services


Stay away from a steering wheel if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.

“We know that more and more folks are out celebrating the holiday season,” said Sergeant Brett Moore of Traffic Services. “The key message we want to get out is that the Toronto Police is out there looking for drivers who make bad decisions to drive while impaired.”

Police officers across Canada can now demand a breath sample after pulling over a vehicle for a driving infraction or at a RIDE spot check without suspicion of the driver consuming alcohol.

Moore reminded people to choose an alternative route home before leaving for the night.

“There is really no excuse when there is ride-sharing, taxis, the TTC and other forms of transportation,” he added. “There is no excuse to find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle when you are impaired.”

The Toronto Police Service also partnered with the Canadian Automobile Association on a campaign against texting and driving, aggressive driving and impaired driivng with TV and radio spots.


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