MedicAlert & Police Partner

Emergency Management & Public Order
A partnership between the Toronto Police and MedicAlert Foundation Canada will ensure officers get the best information quickly for people in an emergency or crisis.

The Connect Protect program gives emergency responders 24/7 access to MedicAlert subscriber’s electronic medical profile including their photo, identity and vital medical information. Users wear ID bracelets, necklaces or tags so they can be easily identified.

This can help police officers quickly determine the name and address of a person with Alzheimer’s disease who has wandered from their home; determine how to treat a medical condition; or understand the best way to interact with a person on the Autism spectrum.

Deputy Chief Peter Yuen says many people could benefit from the program, which gives them and their family peace of mind in case of an emergency.

“Anytime we create partnerships with stakeholders to make our city safe, it’s a great day for Toronto Police and the citizens of this city,” Yuen said. “Every year, we receive thousands of calls for missing persons and most of them end up in a happy conclusion. With this partnership, hopefully, people will register and we will have the most up-to-date information to locate your loved ones as soon as possible. This is about public safety and saving lives.”

A registered charity for more than 50 years, MedicAlert has helped over a million Canadians.

“Our database is a vital link between first responders and the community when faster, informed action makes all the difference and we are honoured to assist police services across the country,” said MedicAlert Canada CEO Francoise Faverjon-Fortin.

To learn more about MedicAlert and how you can sign up to a service plan, visit or call 1-866-696-0273.

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