Money Raised For Community

55 Division
Toronto Police members raised $340,000 this year for United Way Greater Toronto.

The announcement was made on December 11 at police headquarters.

Goodwin Gibson, the senior vice-president of donor relations & marketing with United Way of Greater Toronto, thanked Service members for the generous contribution.

“Few organizations are as connected to the community as Toronto Police,” he said. “You have been a longtime valuable partner with United Way as we tackle some of our most unignorable issues like poverty, domestic abuse and homelessness. Nothing exemplifies our long-term partnership with Toronto Police more than the work we do with a program called FOCUS Toronto which has really emerged as a powerful new model in a large part due to the progressive leadership with Toronto Police.”

FOCUS Situation tables bring together police with community agencies at weekly roundtables toprovide a targeted, wrap-around approach to the most vulnerable individuals, families and places that are experiencing heightened levels of risk.

This year, the Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) donated $10,000 from its special fund to the campaign.

“United Way is an organization with a focus on helping people of every background, nationality and creed,” said Ryan Teschner, who is the TPSB executive director. “As always, when we talk about charitable giving, it is important to know that the money we give is really going to the people who need it the most. I am proud that United Way Greater Toronto strives to ensure that of every dollar raised, as much as possible goes directly to the community.”

Superintendent Reuben Stroble, the 2017 Toronto Police United Way campaign chair, thanked the volunteers and donors.

They include G & G Electronics which since 2003 has raised and donated back over $23,000 to the United Way of Greater Toronto.

A group of people behind gift bags and cardboard boxes holding socks
A donation of more than 5,000 socks was made to Haven Toronto, which serves homeless men over 50 Photo: Kevin Masterman

As part of this year’s campaign, about 5,000 pairs of socks were collected for Haven Toronto which is a drop-in centre in the city for men over 50 living in poverty.

Executive director Lauro Monteiro accepted the donation on behalf of Haven Toronto.

“If you are over 50, you can appreciate cold feet and how that really irritates you,” he said. “Socks are really critical to our men who walk an average of 15 km daily trying to get from shelters to services to all kinds of things.”

McGregor Industries donated 2,000 pairs of socks while Bloor Fitness & Boxing, which is in 11 Division, contributed about 500 pairs.

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