Mounted Patrol in St. Jamestown

51 Division

I'm a sergeant in the Community Response Unit at 51 Division who recently completed the Mounted course that prepares officers for horseback functions.

Both the Mounted officers and 51 Division members are strong supporters of teamwork between units of the Service.

Currently 51 Division Community Response Unit teams three and four are working on a project to reduce crime and disorder in the 200 Wellesley St. E./St Jamestown area. On May 15, Constable Carol Windsor (of Mounted) and myself joined up for a shift and took the horses into this area on patrol.

The high visibility of this type of policing combined with the approachability of the horses really drove home the point to the residents that we are out and available in their community. This is an area that wouldn’t often see the police horses so many residents and children came forward to express their appreciation and excitement for this rare opportunity.

A woman and man in TPS uniform on horseback in front of a building entrance marked 200 Wellesley St. E.
Constable Carol Windsor and Craig Somers on patrol in 51 Division Photo: 51 Division

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