Movember Money for Men’s Health

12 Division
Service members have worn their concern for men’s health on their faces this month to raise awareness and money, once again, to prevent men from dying too young.

At $24,000 and counting, the Toronto Police Follicle Force has led police fundraisers as part of the national Movember campaign to fund life-changing research in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health, to stop men dying too young. The Toronto Police Association has donated $10,000 to the cause, matching dollars raised by Service members, both civilian and uniform.

“What got me involved in Movember, initially several years ago, was a family history of prostate cancer, but since then I’ve seen it grow into a whole global men’s health awareness campaign” said Follicle Force Team Captain Staff Sergeant Scott Bradbury, of 53 Division. “Growing the moustache is a great way to start those conversations and raise that awareness.”

The Great Canadian Police Challenge drew 17 law enforcement agencies.

Participation in Movember fundraising among police communities has traditionally been particularly strong, says Movember Canada Director of Development Mila Cormack.

“Historically, MoBros and MoSistas from across the policing community have had a huge impact on the success of Movember. Movember has grown to become the largest global men’s health charity. Through this, we’ve been able to fund ground-breaking research and awareness programs. We want men to live happier, healthier, and longer lives” said Cormack.

Over the past five years, over 800 TPS members have registered for Movember, raising over $250,000 through the annual Toronto Police Association Challenge.

Visit theToronto Police Follicle Force team page to learn more or donate on the team.

A man kisses another on his head
Toronto Police Association Director Jason Tomlinson recognizes the efforts of fellow Director Brian Callanan for shaving a moustache into his head as part of fundraising efforts Photo: Martin Blake

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