New Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Reporting Centre Opens

Traffic Services


A new Collision Reporting Centre for cyclists and pedestrians only has been set up in Liberty Village.

Beginning on March 14, they can attend a kiosk in the main lobby of the Traffic Services station (9 Hanna Ave.) after being involved in a collision where no one needs immediate medical attention. The kiosk will be open between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. It will not be available to drivers.

“Through community engagement and doing assessments of collisions in the downtown area, we found that there were a number of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists where it was an impediment for them to go to the Reporting Centres that currently exist,” said Traffic Services Acting Inspector Paul Qureshi. “We want to ensure we are serving the majority of cyclists and pedestrians live and work downtown who do not have a vehicle to easily get to a collision reporting centre. For that reason, we came up with the idea of this centre specifically for them.”

As part of Traffic Services, there are two collision centres in the city to help motorists, cyclists and pedestrians report motor vehicle collisions that they have been involved in.

Drivers must report to the North Collision Centre at 113 Toryork Dr. in North York and the East Collision Centre at 39 Howden Rd. in Scarborough when involved in a collision with over $2,000 in damage to their vehicles.

Accident Support Services International (ASSI) will operate the kiosk inside the Traffic Services building as they do the other Collision Reporting Centres.

Supt. Scott Baptist welcomes the new kiosk.

“Now that our stations are again open to the public, we are pleased to finally be able to launch this new reporting centre to better serve pedestrians and cyclists, allowing them to report minor collisions in the downtown area instead of having to travel to our locations in Scarborough and North York,” he said.

ASSI, in conjunction with Toronto Police Service, will also launch a mobile pedestrian/cyclist collision reporting application that will allow pedestrians and cyclists to commence their reports online by following the

All reports started online must be finalized at any of the Collision Reporting Centres during hours of operation. The report is not considered complete until the person making the report has attended with valid piece of identification.

This new option is available for cyclists and pedestrians when not reporting from the scene of the collision. Police will continue to attend collisions reported from the scene.

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