New Sergeant Lends Helping Hand

13 Division
On day shift on April 17 and trying to get familiarized with his newly assigned 13 Division, Sgt. Chris Monk observed a couple trying to bring a stove out of their front door.

“It didn’t look like it was going well,” said the officer, who was promoted on March 2 and transferred to the central Toronto Division. “With all the construction on Eglinton Ave. W., I somehow ended up on this street in my scout car. I stopped and asked if they needed some help and they graciously took me up on their offer.”

Susan Liebel and her husband, Gabor Herczeg, were grateful that Monk came to their assistance.

“In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, our stove decided to pack it in and we had a new one delivered to the front steps,” said Liebel. “Stores are not coming into houses nor are they taking away old appliances. My husband and I struggled to get it into the house using cardboard and a dolly. We also heaved the old one onto the front steps and were contemplating how to get it down the stairs and onto the lawn for the large garbage pickup.

“Officer Monk drove by and stopped in front and asked if he could lend us a hand, which of course we were delighted to accept. He and my husband used their strength to get it to the curb. We were so grateful for his lovely manner, willingness to help and community mindedness during these difficult times.”

Joining the Service 20 years ago, Monk started his policing career in 41 Division. He also worked with TAVIS, the Drug Squad, 31 Division and Homicide.

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