Next Gen of Police Family Gets Look at Work

Toronto Police College

More than 150 students swapped books for the beat as Toronto Police Service took part in Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Grade 9 students were invited to the Toronto Police College, on Birmingham Street, as part of the provincial day which offers a glimpse into the working world of their parents, relatives and guardians.

The event saw teenagers become forensic investigators and uncover the clues from a crime scene, before meeting the four-legged members of Police Dog Services who put on a live demonstration.

They also laced up their running shoes for the PREP, took a ride in a police vehicle through an outdoor obstacle course and met Motor Squad members.

Mounted Officers and their horses trotted into the day too, while kids got to find out more about the work of the communications department, wellness team, the Emergency Task Force and court services.

Constable Laurie McCann, who organizes the annual event, said it's a great way to showcase a wide array of jobs within the Service.

“As part of working for TPS, your colleagues become your extended family - so it is always great to see and meet the people who we get to go home to everyday," she said. "It helps us show our children and relatives the unique work we do and gets them involved in the process. It is a fun way of engaging with young people and sparking interest. You never know, some of these kids might go on to become future TPS members.”

Two officers on horses in crowd of people
Mounted Unit officers demonstrate crowd control techniques with students Photo: Handout

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