Officers Deliver Food To Vulnerable Residents

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


Since the initial COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, 41 and 43 Division Neighbourhood Community Officers have been delivering meals to vulnerable people in East Scarborough.

“These are individuals who just need something to eat during difficult times in their lives,” said Superintendent Warren Wilson of 41 Division. “Instead of criminalizing them, we are providing meals and connecting with them.”

The officers collect the food for Feed Scarborough, which was established at the height of the pandemic.

“They come here, load up and off they go,” added Wilson. “They enjoy doing it and it is well received by the community.”

A charity golf tournament to raise funds for the food bank was held on June 9 at Cedarbrae Golf Club.

Regan O’Halloran and his wife Carol Foderick organized the event that raised a whopping $56,000.

“We were aiming for $30,000, but we almost doubled that amount,” said O’Halloran, who has been friends with Wilson since around age five. “Warren asked how he could help and, through the Toronto Police Service, was able to deliver some special prizes that assisted in raising even more money.”

Suman Roy founded Feed Scarborough after the Bluffs Food Bank closed during the pandemic.

“There was an absolute need in our community for meal donations,” he said. “We were happy for the assistance of officers from 41, 42 and 43 Divisions. They come to our location, put the meal packages in their vehicles and then make deliveries when they see someone they feel is in need of food. This is just a great way of doing community policing.”

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