Officers Donate 2,000 Pounds of Food

12 Division
While delivering toys to children in 12 Division during the last holiday Xmas season, Neighbourhood Community Officers found there was a need for food in the community.

“It was brought to our attention that a lot of families were short of food because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Constable Brandon Mak. “We brought this back to the station and drew up a plan to start an in-house food drive.”

“A” platoon Community Response Unit set up teams at the Division and each made donations to bins set up up for each of them.

“We wanted to have some friendly and healthy competition while collecting non-perishable food for a good cause,” said Mak. “About a month in, we had about 1,000 pounds of food that we donated to four groups in the Division.

On May 4, the officers delivered another 1,000 pounds of food in the Falstaff, Weston-King and the Eglinton West communities.

“It’s been very noticeable during the COVID pandemic that there has been a lack of social resources available to members of the public because of the lockdown,” said Inspector Jim Gotell. “The officers here are obviously aware of that and stepped up to do something to help the community. All of the platoons did a great job and I am very proud of them.”

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