On Bike in 14 Division

14 Division

Canadian Cycling Magazine took a spin with 14 Division Community Response Unit officers and had a first-hand look at how officers prepare for the road on two wheels.

Although the history of policing on bikes in the city goes back 100 years, policing on bicycle truly took root in this city in the 1990s. Today, Community Response Unit officers patrol on bike daily year-round.

Read the articleby Canadian Cycling Magazine Editor Matthew Pioro as he takes a closer look at policing on bicycles.

Photos by Joel Esposito.

Four officers in TPS uniform on bicycles in an alley
Community Response Unit officers from 14 Division in Graffiti Alley. From left, Constable Kirstan Draper, Staff Sergent James Hogan, Constable Nikolaos Maicantis and Sergeant Lisa Ferris. Photo: Joel Esposito

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