PEO Helps Arrest Violent Man

Parking Enforcement
A veteran Parking Enforcement Officer is being hailed for the role he played in the arrest of a man who had allegedly assaulted two people and was wanted in a robbery investigation.

Jagmohan Notay, who is in his 33rd year on the job, was walking on Elm St. just west of Yonge St. on September 10 when he was approached by a citizen.

“As I was checking pay-and-display, the young male told me that a male party was assaulting a female further down the street,” Notay said. “He pointed me in the direction and gave me the description of the suspect. When I went to the area where he said the altercation might have taken place, I didn’t see any activity or a victim. What, I however, noticed was a male behaving disorderly. A few minutes prior to me getting the report, I encountered him on the same street yelling.”

Notay advised dispatch, who he had called earlier requesting police officers, to cancel the call because there was nothing to suggest an assault had taken place.

A few minutes later, another man approached Notay advising him that a young woman close by was assaulted by a man.

“He pointed out the same suspect to me, saying he grabbed her hair and assaulted her,” said Notay. “It appeared that the man making the report and the woman were related in some way, so I asked him if he needed an ambulance. I also told him I was calling the police and I would need the woman’s information. They provided me with the information and I told them to stay where they were while I trailed the suspect, who by this time, had started walking south on Yonge St.”

While in his car following the suspect from a safe distance, another man flagged Notay down saying that the same suspect had pushed him.

“He didn’t want to give me his information,” said Notay. “All he wanted was for this man to be arrested before he seriously harmed someone.”

Officers arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and arrested the suspect without incident.

“Officer Notay’s keen observations and communicative skills ultimately resulted in the arrest of a dangerous person,” said David Armstrong, the Parking Enforcement West Acting Operations Supervisor. “His actions directly reflect on the reputation of the Toronto Police Service and promote the hard work and efforts put forth each and every day by each and every member. This is a classic example of community-based policing.”

Brian Moniz, the Acting Officer in Charge of Parking Enforcement Operations, said Notay's actions demonstrate the Service’s core values of reliability and teamwork.

“He recognized the situation and immediately took action that resulted in the apprehension of a criminal, and possibility the prevention of further serious crimes,” said Moniz.

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