PHOTOS: Walking the Pan Am Beat

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To ensure public safety at the Pan Am Games, Toronto Police Officers were out patrolling on foot, bikes, boats and motorcycles this week.
A man in marine uniform on a police boar with the Toronto skyline behind him, looking east.
Constable Rick Arsenault watches the Pan Am sailing race while on duty for the games. Photo: Sara Faruqi
An officer pointing towards a gold cart as a woman walks towards it
Sergeant Charles Stern helps a visitor to the Pan Am Park by giving her a ride to the venue after she had trouble walking. Photo: Sara Faruqi
Three officers in TPS uniforms on bicycles
Officers on bike patrol stop by at the Pan Am Field to make sure everything is okay. Photo: Sara Faruqi
An officer in uniform giving a thumbs up to a Cuban Field Hockey player who is wearing his uniform.
Constable George Hempen give a thumbs up to a player from the Cuban Field Hockey team. Photo: Sara Faruqi

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