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Late for their wedding at City Hall, a couple made it just in time with help from a Toronto Police officer.

When Brijesh Patel and Arohie Chopra got in a ride-share car at noon on February 19, they figured they would be on time for the special occasion.

“When we got into the car, it said the trip would take 22 minutes,” recalled Patel. “We needed to check in about five minutes prior to our ceremony so we thought we had enough time to get into our 30-minute slot. However, as soon as we exited the Don Valley Parkway, we noticed there were several roadblocks.”

Several downtown Toronto streets were closed because of protests.

As the car slowly crept through city streets, they realized they were not going to make it on time, so the couple jumped out of the Uber near Shuter and Church Sts. in a desperate bid to tie the knot.

“We thanked the driver and figured we would have to walk the rest of the way, which was about 800 metres,” said Patel. “My wife was dressed in her white gown and I had on my suit and dress shoes and the roads were messy because of bad weather.”

Just as they were about to start their trek on foot, they spotted Const. Marcie Beaven-Brindle who was in her patrol car closing off an intersection.

“She was busy on the phone, but the window was open,” noted Patel. “I asked her how do we get to City Hall because we are getting married in 12 minutes and we are not going to make it. She told us she would move her car and we could drive through in our vehicle. I told her we didn’t have a car and then asked if she could give us a ride. I really thought she would say sorry, but good luck.”

To the couple’s surprise, Beaven-Brindle offered them a ride in her marked police vehicle -- their very own police escort.It may not have been the most glamorous route to their wedding, but it certainly was the quickest.

A couple stands between flowers
Brijesh Patel and Arohie Chopra rejoice in wedded bliss Photo: Handout

“She got another officer to cover for her and then drove us off,” Patel said. “She was super professional and made sure we got there. It was the first time that either of us had been in the backseat of a police car. When we got the entrance, we attempted to get out not realizing that the officer would have to let us out. She gave us a big hug and congratulated us.”

The couple arrived two minutes before the ceremony.

Assigned to 53 Division, Beaven-Brindle was happy to assist.

“They were close to tears and I felt terrible for them,” she said. “The weather was bad and they were all dressed up. She had on a nice dress with a coat along with her shoes and flowers in a bag. I just thought I had to help them out.”

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