Police Seek to Return Gold

53 Division
Investigators are requesting the public’s assistance identifying stolen jewelry.

Two people were arrested in connection with the stolen items.

Police allege that security staff observed the pair stealing a laptop from a business near Yonge St. & Broadway Ave. before escaping earlier last year.

Two people returned to the same location last December 13 and were recognized as the persons alleged to be responsible for the previous theft. Police arrested them.

In the course of their investigation, police recovered items include gold chains, bracelets, rings and watches.

“We have about 15 pieces of mainly women's jewelry,” Det. Chazz Stern said. “There is also a men’s bracelet and Rolex among the items.”

Stern said members of the public could show up at anytime at 53 Division, 75 Eglinton Ave. W. to view photos of the recoveredproperty.

“There is a book at the front desk with pictures of the jewelry,” he said.

More photos of recovered property

Tibor Nagy, 42, and Erzsebet Virag, 36, both of Toronto are facing charges of theft under $5,000, possession over $5,000 and possession of proceeds of crime.

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